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Summer loving - Car wrap ideas for brands

Friday, 07/08/2015

One of the great things about summer is that it brings more people outdoors. And more people strolling around, enjoying the weather means more people who may see your branded vehicle.

A wrap...

See how a vehicle wrap can improve your van graphics

Friday, 07/08/2015

We think you’ll agree that if you operate a van as part of your business it makes absolute sense to have it branded with van graphics. After all, your vehicle is one of the best marketing tools ... Read more...

How to 'drive' brand awareness - literally!

Thursday, 25/06/2015

Some people think of brand awareness as being all about a business logo. But your logo, sometimes known as a brand mark, is only a tiny fraction of the brand awareness picture.

According to c...

It's a wrap - the smart way to advertise your business

Thursday, 04/06/2015

Over the past ten years the traditional ‘marketing mix’ has changed beyond all recognition. Social media has transformed the way that many businesses engage with their customers and historicall... Read more...

How to stand out from the crowd with van signwriting

Wednesday, 03/06/2015

Van signwriting, or vehicle wrapping, allows you to use your company vehicle or vehicles to create a huge impact. By transforming your van into a mobile advertisement with van signwriting, every ti... Read more...

Idris Elba breaks 'flying mile' land speed record

Monday, 18/05/2015

We'd like to congratulate Idris Elba on his new land speed record, and just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past ten years and you don't know who Idris Elba is, he's the award-winnin... Read more...

Viva Espana (and hello Monaco)

Friday, 15/05/2015

The Barcelona International Motor Show ran from the 9th to the 17th May. The show is the only Spanish event to be recognised by the Inte... Read more...

Will in-car safety be a priority for Cameron?

Friday, 15/05/2015

Now the election dust has settled, we understand that David Cameron’s new government will be under pressure from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), to look at four key priorities in order... Read more...

5 Advantages Vinyl wrapping has over traditional sign-writing

Thursday, 14/05/2015

It’s not that long ago that if you saw graphics on the side of a vehicle they would have been painted by hand by skilled artists with an extremely steady touch. As technology developed, we moved ... Read more...

All aboard the Poo Bus!

Thursday, 07/05/2015

We are more than a little in love with the Bristol ‘poo bus’. But whilst the national media are all over the bio methane technology (that’s human waste to you and me) that powers the engine, ... Read more...

Need some business vehicle wrap inspiration?

Thursday, 23/04/2015

So you’ve decided to wrap your business vehicle? Whether you operate a single smart car or a fleet of vans, vehicle wraps have... Read more...

Lucky seven: Our top seven reasons to wrap your van

Wednesday, 15/04/2015

We could talk about the benefits of a van wrap until we’re blue in the face. Whether you run a huge fleet of ... Read more...

Vehicle wraps that are good enough to eat!

Thursday, 02/04/2015

If you sell food and drink – whether wholesale, retail or from a café or restaurant – there is no doubt that attractively presented produce is the best Read more...

Go Go Geneva

Tuesday, 24/03/2015

The 85th Geneva International Motor Show took place earlier this month. The Geneva show is one of the most important events on the automotive calendar and with no less than 104 world premieres bein... Read more...

Go safe: Should drink drive limit be reduced in England?

Tuesday, 24/03/2015

Slashing the drink-drive limit on England's roads would prevent dozens of deaths every year, the country's fire and rescue authorities say.

In 2014, Scotland cut its legal limit from 80mgs of... Read more...