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Thursday, 02/04/2015

Vehicle wraps that are good enough to eat!

If you sell food and drink – whether wholesale, retail or from a café or restaurant – there is no doubt that attractively presented produce is the best advertisement for your business.


For example, if you sell fruit and vegetables to the public, a beautiful display of shiny apples or glossy aubergines will inevitably tempt people into your shop; if you sell wholesale bakery products then a well-designed brochure will help your customers to decide what to order from you. If you are in the drinks business, then telling the story of your brand or brands will help you to engage with your customers.

The vast majority of food and drink businesses will operate at least one vehicle; often a fleet. These vehicles are, of course, an essential investment but they also cost a great deal of money to run. A promotional vehicle or van wrap can turn a necessary overhead into an impactful, mobile advertisement; ensuring that every mile your vehicle is on the road is another opportunity for a potential customer to find out about your business and products.

Sometimes just a wrapped panel of mouth-watering enticement can make all the difference and is more cost effective.


For larger brands where product identity is far more important than ingredients, promotional van wraps can be used to raise awareness of icular campaigns. The great thing about vehicle wrapping is that the printed is easy to remove at the end of a campaign. If a vehicle’s paintwork is in good condition when the promotional vehicle wrap or van wrap goes on, it will be in good condition when the wrap comes off. This provides businesses with incredible flexibility when it comes to using their vehicles as of the marketing mix.


Unlike traditional vehicle graphics or signwriting, when you opt for a full vehicle wrap you effectively have an entire blank canvas to play with. Using promotional van wraps is a great way to tell the story of the brand, using a great blend of graphics, illustrations and photographs.


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