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Printed vinyl Lamborghini car wrap for Anadin by Totally Dynamic
Alan Brazewell Alan Brazewell Founder, Chilled Driving Tuition.

“…our graphics are bright, fresh and clear and the wrap design is adapted to complement the contours of each car in the fleet so that they look professional and stylish. 40% of our new pupil enquiries are as a result of people seeing the wrapped cars, which is incredible.”



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Car Wrapping

A creative, eye-catching vehicle wrap can transform your company car from a simple means of transport to an on-the-go marketing tool.

With an estimated 25.8 million licensed cars on UK roads, and numbers rising each year, that’s a big potential audience for your business. And it’s where a professional vehicle wrapping service can make all the difference; helping your brand stand out from the crowds.

Meetings, appointments with clients or the daily commute from home to the workplace; getting from A to B is an essential part of the working day. So why not help spread the word about your business while you and your employees are out and about, and raise awareness for your company as you drive? Now that’s what we call cost-effective multi-tasking!

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, and across every sector imaginable – from supermarket chains to builders, cafes to breweries, we’ve got every business type wrapped.

Totally Dynamic employs a team of talented designers who can generate fresh ideas to get your business noticed when the traffic might be at a standstill. They’ll come up with a unique, made-to-order professional vinyl wrap; designed to complement the contours of your car, no matter what model or make.

Choose a design featuring bright, bold, graphics and a clear call to action, or go for a more subtle approach; we take the time to understand your business, your clients and your marketplace to ensure the design truly embodies your brand personality.

And no matter whether it’s a long-term vehicle wrap to attract the attention of new clients, or a one-off, short-term promotional campaign, we’ll generate a creative concept for your vehicle and have it wrapped in one of our UK centres within weeks.

Your wrap doesn’t need to be purely for promotional purposes, it can also help to achieve a polished, professional, consistent brand identity too. Got more than one model of car in your fleet? That’s not a problem. Our colour wraps are a cost-effective way of achieving a seamless brand identity across a disparate group of company vehicles too, no matter the car’s age or type.

And if that wasn’t enough, did you know a car wrap can protect its value too? Vinyl wrapping prevents damage to paintwork, caused by stone chips, and minor abrasions from everyday wear and tear. So not only is it a sound marketing investment, but it will help maintain the maximum re-sale value of the vehicle too; keeping it in tip top condition.

Convinced? Then take a look at our gallery. It’s packed with the latest car wraps delivered for our customers UK-wide. See something that catches your eye? Then it’s likely to grab the attention of your customers too. If you’re not wrapped, you could be losing out.

Speak to our professional team today and we’ll get started on your unique, made to order design straight away. To find out more, either call us on 0800 046 9970, or click here for our online enquiry form

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