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Lorry wrapped in printed chrome vinyl for Tesco by Totally Dynamic
Paula Neail Paula Neail Turnbull Ripley (for Sky Electrical).

“Thank you Gavin & Scott for all your help, patience and flexibility in getting the Sky Electrical van done. The client is very happy and I hope to be in contact soon regarding the next van.”



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What are the benefits of vehicle wrapping?

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to raise awareness of your products or services: transforming an existing vehicle into a mobile advertisement. A vinyl wrap will also protect your vehicle’s paintwork from stone chips and minor abrasions, therefore protecting its value.

A vehicle wrap can be removed easily. When you want to sell your vehicle or change your advertising message, you simply remove the wrap yourself, restoring your car, van or lorry to its original condition.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

The cost of depends on the size of the vehicle being wrapped and the complexity of the design you choose. For example, the cost of an average size, full car wrap starts from around £1,500 inc. VAT.

For a free, no obligation, personalised estimate, please call us on 0800 046 9970 to discuss your requirements.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?

A professional vehicle wrap, using quality materials and installed in a specialist wrapping centre, will last between three and five years. The quality of wrap is a very important factor here, and this is where we differ from some of our cheaper competitors.

Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

Yes. The vehicle wrapping film we use is applied with high quality adhesives and can be easily removed within five years of the wrap being installed.

Do I have to pay someone to remove the wrap?

No. We’ll supply you with simple instructions for removing the wrap yourself.

Will vehicle wrapping damage my paintwork?

Applying specialist car wrapping film to your vehicle will not damage your paintwork, as long as it is sound when the wrap goes on.

However if your paintwork has not bonded properly to the surface, already has stone chips, abrasions, or rust patches - or your car has undergone a re-spray - it’s important to remember that when the vinyl is removed it may pull loose paint/lacquer off with it.

Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

Vehicle wrapping is most impactful when the whole vehicle is covered in a complete design. This also ensures that all the vehicle’s paintwork is protected and will be in the same condition when you remove the wrap.

But we can, of course, undertake part-wraps: simply covering specific areas such as the vehicle’s roof, rear doors or side panels.

Do I need to inform anyone about my vehicle wrap?

In short. Yes, you do but it's a simple and quick process:


You are legally required to inform the DVLA that your vehicle has undergone a colour change, using the V5C form. You’ll need to select the most appropriate colour from the following list: beige, blue, maroon, red, bronze, cream, multi, silver, brown, green, orange, turquoise, black, gold, purple, white, grey, pink and yellow.

Insurance Company

It is important that you tell your insurance company that you have had your vehicle fully wrapped or part wrapped. If your wrap does get damaged and you need to make a claim, your insurer will be aware of the costs of replacing the wrap.

If I see a colour I like on the website will it be exactly the same as seeing it in person?

Viewing a colour on a computer monitor, or any remote device seldom gives you a completely accurate impression of the actual colour.

We would therefore strongly recommend that you visit one of our centres to look at our extensive range of colour swatch booklets so that you can be completely happy with your colour choice before committing to your wrap.

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