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Porsche car colour change wrap
Alan Brazewell Alan Brazewell Founder, Chilled Driving Tuition.

“…our graphics are bright, fresh and clear and the wrap design is adapted to complement the contours of each car in the fleet so that they look professional and stylish. 40% of our new pupil enquiries are as a result of people seeing the wrapped cars, which is incredible.”



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Colour Change

Are you looking for a new and effective way to let more people know about your business and attract more customers?

Vehicle wrapping by Totally Dynamic will transform your company vehicle into an attention grabbing, mobile advertisement.

Vehicle wrapping means we ‘wrap’ your vehicle with self-adhesive ; creating a second skin and a completely new look for your car, van, trailer or lorry.

We’ll use high impact images, colours and graphics to design a vehicle wrap which is perfect for your organisation. This ensures your vehicle creates the right impression and helps to build positive awareness of your brand.

As well as being a fantastic marketing tool, a complete wrap will also protect vehicle’s paintwork from scratches, stone chips and other minor abrasions. If any of the vehicle wrap gets damaged, that section of can simply be replaced.

To view examples of our work and to see what we could do for your brand or vehicle, please head over to our gallery or view our dedicated colour change website. Alternatively, please call our team on 0800 046 9970.

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