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Video: LA Grannies in a Lamborghini

Wednesday, 13/04/2016

And if the thought of sunnier days ahead doesn’t cheer you up, then this surely will. A three minute video of two grannies in a Lamborghini has become an internet sensation. We couldn't help but ... Read more...

Mazda MX-5 is the star of New York

Wednesday, 13/04/2016

This year’s star spangled New York Motor Show ran from the 25th March to the 3rd April.

One big highlight on the show’s event schedule...

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

Wednesday, 10/02/2016

It’s official! 2015 was the best EVER year for the UK automotive industry, with over 2.6million new cars registered over the 12 months. Just to be clear, that’s the highest number on record. <... Read more...

The best of British

Wednesday, 10/02/2016

Heading off to Switzerland for the uber cool Geneva Motor Show is all very well but we’re even more excited about the new London Motor Show which is gearing up for its launch in May 2016.

...

First pictures of the new Aston Martin DB11 leaked online

Wednesday, 10/02/2016

We were excited to spot on that sneaky-peak shots of the new Aston Martin DB11 have been leaked online.

...

Geneva International Motor Show hosts the Car of the Year contest

Wednesday, 10/02/2016

The Geneva International Motor Show has to be one of the most glamorous – and important - events on the European automotive circuit and is one of the top five motor shows worldwide. Now in its 86... Read more...

RAC comments on new rules to cut congestion caused by roadworks

Wednesday, 10/02/2016

You may have seen in the press that proposals to launch a major crackdown on disruption caused by roadworks on local roads, and the start of 7-day working, are being considered by Transport Secreta... Read more...

How did I get here?

Wednesday, 10/02/2016

Whilst we may not like to admit it, most of us have experienced an occasional sense of ‘how did I get here?’ when driving. Perhaps when driving on a long stretch of straight road or motorway w... Read more...

Totally Dynamic's Fabulous Five Car Wraps

Tuesday, 19/01/2016

As every business owner knows, operating a commercial vehicle does not come cheap. As well as the initial purchase price (and monthly payments) you have the regular costs of fuel, road tax, insuran... Read more...

Scaling Pikes Peak with Jaguar

Tuesday, 01/12/2015

Totally Dynamic South London was excited to be asked by Jaguar to use their extensive motorsport experience to wrap a Jaguar F-Type for Don Law Racing. The Don Law name is, for many, synonymous wi... Read more...

How long does a van or car wrap last?

Monday, 12/10/2015

One of the questions we are asked most regularly is ‘how long does a vehicle or van wrap last?’. The simple answer is that a professional van wrap will last between three and five years.

...

Does a commercial vehicle wrap affect your insurance?

Friday, 18/09/2015

There’s no doubt that a commercial vehicle wrap can have enormous benefits for your business. Using your car, van, lorry or trailer as a mobile advertisement for your products or services means y... Read more...

Summer loving - Car wrap ideas for brands

Friday, 07/08/2015

One of the great things about summer is that it brings more people outdoors. And more people strolling around, enjoying the weather means more people who may see your branded vehicle.

A wrap...

See how a vehicle wrap can improve your van graphics

Friday, 07/08/2015

We think you’ll agree that if you operate a van as part of your business it makes absolute sense to have it branded with van graphics. After all, your vehicle is one of the best marketing tools ... Read more...

How to 'drive' brand awareness - literally!

Thursday, 25/06/2015

Some people think of brand awareness as being all about a business logo. But your logo, sometimes known as a brand mark, is only a tiny fraction of the brand awareness picture.

According to c...