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Thursday, 04/06/2015

It's a wrap - the smart way to advertise your business

Over the past ten years the traditional ‘marketing mix’ has changed beyond all recognition. Social media has transformed the way that many businesses engage with their customers and historically successful advertising media, such as Yellow Pages, have been largely superseded by online directories and review sites.


However the world of signage, graphics and outdoor advertising has evolved to become one of the most exciting areas of marketing and a smart way to advertise your business.

The vast majority of businesses operate at least one company vehicle, with many running fleets of expensive cars, vans, lorries or trailers. But rather than seeing vehicles as an overhead, we see each one as a blank canvas; valuable advertising space that can be used to spread the word about the products and services that you offer.

All vehicle graphics can add some value, but if you’re looking for a practical and really clever way to advertise your business then take a look at investing in a vehicle wrap.

Modern vehicle wrapping technology allows bespoke, high-impact designs to be printed onto self-adhesive to completely wrap and transform your vehicle’s paintwork. No design is impossible which means you can create an eye-catching mobile advertisement that suits your brand identity. You can get your key messages across to the hundreds (or even thousands) of people that see your vehicle every time it’s out and about.



Unlike traditional signwriting, or basic, cut out graphics, with a vehicle wrap you can use impactful photographs and illustrations to create drama and show exactly what products or services you offer.

One of the really smart things about vehicle wrapping is the fact that you can remove the when you are ready to change your advertising message. When it’s a wrap you can update your vehicle livery whenever you launch a new advertising campaign. If your vehicle’s paintwork is sound when the wrap goes on, it will be in the same good condition when the is removed.

Outdoor advertising ensures that lots of people have the opportunity to find out about your brand. Virtually every bus company in the UK now sells advertising space on its vehicles and billboards are still one of the most prominent ways to promote a product or service. So using the vehicles you already operate as mobile advertisements makes absolute sense. If you want to make your business stand out it’s a wrap that will make the difference.

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