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Thursday, 09/02/2017

Stay safe this winter

Like many motorists at the start of the year, we’re dreaming of sunnier drives, but while it’s still cold and icy out there, it’s important to stay safe. So here’s a handy reminder for how to keep you, your car and your passengers protected this winter.


Take stock

Looking after your vehicle is important all year round, but in the winter months it’s vital to keep you and all road users safe. By carrying out these quick and simple winter checks, you’ll be well prepared for any more bad weather to come:

  • Test your battery and replace if necessary
  • Check anti-freeze levels in the cooling system
  • Top-up the screen wash
  • Check tyre pressure and tread depth
  • Keep extra bulbs in stock
  • Clock up lots of winter miles? Consider investing in winter tyres
  • Create your own in-car bad weather kit – including essential items like a blanket, shovel, hi-vis vest and torch. Or buy a kit from the AA – like this one. A few pounds well spent.

And remember, the roads can get really grimy in bad weather, so take some time to wash your vinyl car wrap with a soft sponge and soapy water to keep it in top condition.

Setting off

If your journey’s absolutely necessary in bad weather, then make sure all lights are working and clean of dirt before you set off. Check mirrors, windows and license plates are also clear, and remove snow from the roof and bonnet. Remember that weather and road conditions will vary on your drive, so always check in advance and plan accordingly. If it gets treacherous, find somewhere safe to stop.

Slow it down

Poor traction and low visibility mean it’s vital to reduce speed and increase stopping distances in the winter months. Plus the smoother you drive, the less likely you are to lose control on ice or surface water. So, steer, break, accelerate and change gear as smoothly as possible. Stay in control: coasting is dangerous in bad weather.

Soak up the scenery

The UK countryside makes for a beautiful frosty landscape during the winter months, so by taking it steady, you’ll not only stay safe but have time to appreciate the surroundings. And if the weather is really bad? It’s simple. Stay at home, and make that journey another time.

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