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Wednesday, 04/04/2007

Who says it has to have wheels?

Uber talented agency, Popcorn Design contacted us to see if we could help them with a somewhat unusual vehicle wrapping concept they had dreamt up.

Their fiendish (but terribly nice) Creative Director had come up with the idea of completely wrapping some travel speakers as of a promotional campaign for one of their clients.

Not knowing whether it would work or not, we set out to create a prototype that Popcorn presented to their client – who thought it was the bees knees!

Our North London boys rose magnificently to the challenge and wrapped all 65 speakers in 2 days. Not bad going for something so fiddly.

Pat McAteer, Creative Director of Popcorn said, “..If you could pass our thanks on to all your team, the client loved them, and all have been very impressed with Totally Dynamics approach to solving this problem. Including the finish of the item which I thought exceeded expectations..”