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Thursday, 01/03/2018

Trucktastic Tesla!

Tesla hosted a prestigious launch of the world’s first all-electric trucks in November. And the pre-orders are already rolling-in with big U.S. household brands, PepsiCo and UPS, putting their names on the waiting list, despite not knowing when the trucks will be ready to hit the road.

At Totally Dynamic, we’re specialists at wrapping large-scale vehicles, and our team is really excited to see how the Tesla trucks will be received by the automotive world. Will it transform long-haul motoring like it promises?

From the first-look, we were impressed. They are fine looking trucks and the stats about their specification and performance could deliver great things.

While we still don’t know when these game-changing trucks will be released, or even how much they will cost, we have been given some seriously impressive facts about what to expect. So here goes…

10 things we know about the Tesla trucks so far

1. They are all-electric long-distance haulers

2. Capable of accelerating 0-60mph in 5 seconds; that’s with a trailer

3. Fully loaded, the larger truck will carry 36,000kg

4. Up-hill the Tesla semi-truck will reach 65mph (compared to a diesel’s maximum speed of 45mph)

5. And when 100% charged, it will travel 500 miles at 60 mph

6. The trucks aim to be the safest models on the road. Enhanced safety features mean jack-knifing is impossible; a truck drivers worst fear

7. The battery will re-charge up to 400 miles in 30 minutes; just enough time for the driver to take a break

8. It’s a class 8 vehicle, the heaviest weight classification for trucks

9. Pre-orders have been placed by PepsiCo and UPS, costing a $5,000 deposit per truck

10. Production is expected to start in 2019

At November’s launch, onlookers were not only treated to one Tesla reveal, but two, as the manufacturer made the surprise unveiling of its newest, and the world’s fastest, all-electric production car – the Roadster.

An update to its first production vehicle, the Tesla Roadster, priced at £152,000, roared out of the back of the Tesla truck’s trailer, just as the grand launch was reaching the finale.

Tesla’s latest car is capable of 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, and promises to be the fastest general production model in the world. All this and it will travel 620 miles on a single charge too.

So for anyone fortunate enough to be invited to California last November, they witnessed not one, but two pretty awesome Tesla launches. Sadly our Totally Dynamic launch invite went missing in the post. Who wants to be in the Golden State in November anyway!? We’re quite happy here in blighty watching the double Tesla reveal online here!

Have you seen them too? Do you think the Tesla trucks will live up to the hype? We’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you’re a trucker. (Read more about the launch in The Independent and Car Magazine).

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